Build Optimally

Fab is a build system that helps you build optimally every time.


Dependency discovery

Dependencies within the project are discovered automatically by examining the source files.

Caching daemon

The caching daemon runs in the background so that expensive tasks, like building the dependency graph, are only perfomed once. Incremental builds are really fast.

Persistent builds

The caching daemon receives filesystem events so it already knows what's changed when you start a build. It can even start the build automatically.

Modular build description

Every project belongs to a larger project. Use the same build description files whether you're building just this library, or the whole product.

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Is Fab usable now?

Absolutely. However, not all features are complete yet, and until the project reaches v1.0, everything is subject to change.

Can I contribute? Can I donate?

Visit the Github project to contribute. Visit the Bountysource page to donate.